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Harvest Fun in PB Valley Winery

Harvest Fun in PB Valley Winery

The glorious fruit picking season is upon us again here at PB Valley Winery in Khaoyai! The grapes are in season and ripening on the vines while the fresh smell of the vineyard saturates the air in this beautiful valley of Khaoyai in Nakhon Ratchasima. This is vineyard country and February is the grape harvesting season. PB Valley Winery, one of the largest wineries in Thailand that produces a wide variety of international award winning wines has organized a Harvest Day Festival that can be enjoyed by families and everyone else over the weekend of 3rd February 2018 at their vineyard in Khaoyai.
The Harvest Festival Fun Trip will be a celebration of food, entertainment and activities galore with celebrity chefs, musicians and a super outdoor great Barbecue event with plenty of wonderful dishes and wines from the vineyard. Each year PB Valley Winery would host this event and it gets better every year with more fun stuff to do and see as well as unique local experiences.

Harvest Fun in PB Valley Winery

Picture credit : PB Khaoyai Winery

Kick starting the event day, one could join the vineyard tour if you have not already done that before and enjoy a ride in a comfortable electric tram around the estate to see how the grapes and other fruit plants and flowers are grown. Along with this tour you will get a peek into the flower park and also the winery where the wine is made after harvesting. Try the wine tasting session with three types of wine such as the Chanin Blanc, Shiraz and Rosette with some cheese and crackers while you are on the tour. Then make your way back to the main area for the fun and activities of the harvest festival.

At the harvest festival will be the grape picking contest where you can compete to see who picks the most grapes from the vines in one of the vineyard lots and win a prize. You can also eat these grapes fresh from the vines after picking them as most are grown organically. These grapes that you will pick are of the table variety as PB Valley Winery grows a variety of grapes and not just those for making wines and by tasting them, you will know the difference in taste and the method they are grown.


For kids and grownups alike who would like to try some creativity, try the bottle painting and decorating contest. Create interesting labels for the wine bottles and the winners get a prize too! There is also a mini pet zoo with rabbits and ducks for the children while adults can browse the weekend market that sells fresh fruits and snacks at the entrance to the restaurant.

Snacks and drinks are provided as part of the Harvest Day Festival full day tour package and one could always also have lunch at the Great Horn Bill Grill with a variety of Thai and Western Dishes. Check out the cooking demonstrations at the fair by top chefs using ingredients made from produce at the estates of PB Valley in Khaoyai and Chiang Rai. Did you know they also make a very popular organic soy sauce as well as other products like chili paste from grapes? Well now you know!

Learn how wine is made the old fashioned way with a grape stomping competition. In many old vineyards, the traditional method of grape stomping is still incorporated to extract the juice from the grapes which would be used to make wine but nowadays at PB Valley, everything is automated but grape stomping is still a fun activity during the Harvest Festival.

End the day with a scrumptious outdoor BBQ complete with straw bale seats and tables in the coo hours of the evening while enjoying great live music by visiting musicians and the smell of BBQ cooking on the grill along with other goodies, drinks and wine. What better way than this to complete a great day out at PB Valley Winery during the popular harvest Festival.

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