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Harvest Fun in PB Valley Winery
25 Jan

Harvest Fun in PB Valley Winery

PB Valley Winery, one of the largest wineries in Thailand that produces a wide variety of international award winning wines has organized a Harvest Day Festival. The Harvest Festival Fun Trip will be a celebration of food, entertainment and activities galore with celebrity chefs, musicians and a super outdoor great Barbecue event with plenty of wonderful dishes and wines from the vineyard. ...

Khaoyai 2d1n Wine Tours To PB Valley Winery At The Nest
8 Oct

One day trip to PB Valley Khaoyai Winery

Cradled like a precious gift in the palm of the hands, so it is with PB Valley Winery located in the valley of the Khao Yai mountains. A precious estate of land that is drawing much attention to the spirit of life that grows on vines in the property. Welcome to wine country in the heart of tropical Thailand. A land blessed with fertile soil for sowing excellent wine and table grapes and the ambiance of misty mornings and evenings reminisce of  European vineyards but found here in the tropics. PB...

PB Valley Kasalong Restaurant Chiang Rai
21 Jun

Back to nature at PB Valley Kasalong Restaurant Chiang Rai

First thought in mind is, who would have thought of building a restaurant out in the middle of no where? PB Valley Chiang Rai is full of surprises, much like their sister site in PB Valley Khao Yai that is now a famous location in the province of Nakhon Ratchasima. It looks like PB Valley Chiang Rai is set to follow in the same footsteps. The locatioon of PB Valley Chiang Rai is between Chiang Rai city and Mae Sai running along the Kok River. It is easier for you...

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